May ’15 Latest & Greatest

I recently had the pleasure of taking portraits of children at a local preschool. The kids were so adorable and so cute to see how some loved the camera and some maybe thought the camera might be a monster and should probably not look at it. There was quite a bit of silly antics going on and eventually got all the kiddos to show me their real smiles. It was great!

We started out “old school” with the classic blue background then moved over to a more relaxed spot where the kids became comfortable and their little personalities came out. We’ve all gotten school pictures of our kids (or ourselves) that weren’t quite right. It was fun to step out of the classic school pic mode and really get the little ones to have fun and let their light shine.

If you are interested for trying a different approach for photos at your school, please let me know. I’d be happy to get in touch with your school about trying something new!

Here are some of the day’s cuties!!

LMPlogo-1 LMPlogo-2LMPlogo-4LMPlogo-3

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