New UW Terrace Gallery

I am very excited to share my “At the Terrace” Gallery, or “study of a chair”. The UW-Madison Memorial Union Terrace is definitely one of my “happy places”. I love the colors, the vibe, the lake, the music and the good times I have shared with others while being there. I enjoyed this project very much, and am happy to share my work with others.

Is your favorite color yellow, green, or orange? Or maybe you prefer black & white? Check it out!  Gallery style, professional quality prints, aluminum art, canvases, and gift items are available for purchase through my site. Use this link or go to the “Client Galleries” tab and click on the link on the right. The Gallery ID is: Terrace

Please remember this is copyright material when viewing ;). Thank you for looking and/or sharing! I appreciate the support!

Now let’s all ponder the beauty of Lake Mendota with Bucky 🙂


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