December ’18 Latest & Greatest

December is one my favorite times of the year, some would even say it’s “the most wonderful time”.  I wrapped up family photos just in time to get my own house in order for the busy holiday season. It is a welcome break from the heyday of the Fall season, but also a joy to receive so many holiday cards back with familiar faces smiling back at me. I love seeing the family photos that I helped to create, coming back to me and spreading joy to others. I even save the ones from family and close friends to look back on loved ones as they grow each year. Tracking these moments in time and reminiscing on sessions and events past, is part of what this season is all about. Spending time with loved ones and spreading joy to others.

With heartfelt wishes, happy holidays to you and a happy new year too! Thank you for all of the support in 2018!!  XO

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