Summer Dreaming

Is it too early to start dreaming of summer? I actually don’t mind winter and I think snow is pretty, but something about last summer was special and I find myself thinking of being warm (especially when it’s 20 degrees outside). We just finished the last of our summer veggies I had frozen and I’m kinda bummed I have to wait 5 months to get more. Ah well, I suppose it will be that more exciting when we get there :).  For now, I can look back on our special summer and remember the sun kissed cheeks, little freckles, and golden strands of hair blowing in the warm breeze.  And of course, green earth with beautiful flowers everywhere! I feel warmer already.

These were actually taken a couple of days before our sweet new baby arrived, at a gorgeous sunflower field nearby. For a short time near the beginning of August, the field is bursting with huge golden flowers. Only 7 more months until it happens again! …Until then, we can dream of bright yellow flowers and stunning blue skies.

Stay warm everyone!

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