November ’20 Latest & Greatest

Wrapping up another Fall season of lovely golden hours, bright Fall colors, and family hugs. Always a busy time of year, I was pleasantly surprised to see many families come out photo ready in a year that otherwise has been …well, very 2020. We maintained a safe distance and only met outdoors, to capture some sweet family together-ness.

As the season, and the year, wind down, I am thankful for those who continue to support me as a small business owner. I enjoy this art and helping families and individuals record their own history. It was a joy to interact (safely, at a distance) with families and see kiddos growing year after year. It’s comforting to know that the world still turns, even when so many things seem chaotic and upended.

To those whom I haven’t seen in a while, it’s all good. Be safe. I hope to see you again in the future. To those who have been having an even more difficult year or are battling illness or loss, my heart goes out to you with all good thoughts and wishes.

Stay safe out there! Until we meet again.. xo

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