December ’20 Latest and Greatest

Wow, what a year! I don’t think I’m alone in looking forward to the new year beginning. This year was not without silver linings though. While unexpected, this year we were forced to slow down a bit.

I personally enjoyed the slower pace and more time with my family. Even though business in the spring in summer was slower than usual, I was thankful to be an “outdoor” photographer, and very thankful for families who were comfortable with our outdoor, socially distanced sessions together. The beauty of nature is all around us, no matter what else the world throws at us. This year seemed particularly special, enjoying the lovely sunsets, gorgeous flowers, and green fields as a joyful respite from some of the dreary news all around. I was thankful to see families still together, giggling, running around, and happy to have a reason to put on something other than pajamas and leave the house!

Thankful for families and the support of area small businesses this year and always. Especially, The Mad Makery, a small business that recently opened on Monroe Street! I enjoy using my Marketing and Retail background to help small businesses with beautiful photos to showcase their work and offerings.

I look forward to brighter days ahead and hopefully seeing more of you next year! I wish peace, love, and good health to each of you this holiday season and into the new year! Thank you so much for the support.


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