Latest and Greatest January ’21

We made it to 2021! Whew- 2020 was weird. I’m hopeful, as many are, that we can get back to getting out and about more in 2021. Wouldn’t that be nice? In the meantime, I like to take the month of January to look back, look ahead, and take some stock with all that’s going on around me. Also to do all of those things that I’m always meaning to do… we shall see. I’m so grateful for the support I received over the last several months and I am very much looking forward to hopefully seeing more people in the coming year as vaccines roll out.

Recently, I did have the pleasure of working with New Morning Nursery School to record photos for their upcoming Virtual Open House on January 16th, 2021. As a former parent at the school, I have to say this place is near and dear to my heart. The rooms are inspiring and playful, and the teachers and staff are so warm, thoughtful, and caring. It really is a special place and I enjoyed capturing it for others to see. I included some images below that I hope you enjoy.

As for the near future, I am working with small businesses on a case by case basis, where it is safe to do so. For families, I plan to continue to only schedule outdoor sessions for the foreseeable future. So if you’re interested in a lovely snowy scene, let me know! Otherwise, I will be happy to see you when flowers begin to bloom and temperatures warm once again. What a pleasant thought!

Happy new year all, and stay safe!

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